Update on plans for Southend United’s new stadium.

I went along to Roots Hall this evening to look at the plans for Southend United’s new stadium at Fossett’s Farm and to ask a few questions.

fossettsfarm NEW.jpg-pwrt3
CGI of new stadium’s interior
fossetts farm
CGI ariel view of stadium.

Along with a 22,000 seat capacity stadium there’s a 12 screen cinema, 3 blocks of residential flats plus a retail park and community sports facilities to add to the promise of the creation of 1,000 new jobs.

Concerns have been voiced to me by local residents in Prittlewell about the impact on transport that this new development may have. I spoke to the club’s transport consultant, Mark Hobden, who assured me that the local infrastructure would be upgraded to accommodate the expected increase in journey numbers and with football supporters being encouraged to use public transport by way of including the use of this in match day ticket price. The hope is to reduce the proportion of fans travelling by car from its current figure of 40% to 20%. He tells me a similar scheme has been successfully piloted in Brighton.

Unfortunately I was unable to get any definite proposals as to what is likely to happen to the current Roots Hall site once the club vacates it. As it stands currently the row of (almost) empty and boarded up shops on the way into Southend is not the most welcoming of sights.

Not a pretty sight as you enter Southend (The boarded-up shops – not me!)

To download the full ariel plan for the new Fossett’s Farm development Click Here (Warning! – it’s a 7MB file, so may take a while to access depending on your connection speed!)


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