Matthew Softly wins Rochford by-election for Labour

I’m delighted to say that yesterday, Thursday 26th November, Matthew Softly won the Rochford District Council by-election in Rochford ward – a seat previously held by the Conservatives.

It was a short campaign with the election date announced only a few weeks ago following the sad death of the sitting Councillor, Jill Lucus-Gill, in September.

Matthew, helped by many of us in the local Labour party, worked extremely hard during the campaign, getting out to speak to many residents as he could – something he will continue to do now he’s been elected.

Matthew Softly, Labour - newly elected to Rochford District Council
Matthew Softly, Labour – newly elected to Rochford District Council

It was a narrow win with Labour edging in by a majority of just 4 votes, but when compared to the result in this ward only six months ago when Labour trailed in third, behind UKIP, I think this is clearly a significant and remarkable victory.

Full results below.

Candidate Party Votes Percentage
Matthew Softly Labour 332 32.40%
Michael Lucas-Gill Conservative 328 32.00%
Nicholas Cooper UKIP 250 24.40%
Daniel Irlam Liberal Democrat 114 11.10%

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