Success Smartening Up Important Gateway into Southend

I’m very pleased to announce that as a result of the work I have been doing on behalf of residents of Prittlewell, the vacant properties on the corner of Victoria Avenue and Fairfax Drive have at last been smartened up. I am very grateful to the chairman of Southend United, Ron Martin, for listening to the concerns of local residents and taking positive action to improve the sight of this important gateway into Southend on the A127.

Vacant properties now given a fresh lick of paint.
Vacant properties now given a fresh lick of paint.

I first raised this issue back in October 2015,  and whilst I was out campaigning on the doorstep during the Local Elections in May 2016, many residents complained about the eyesore that this corner was.

Vacant shops bricked up - March 2016
How the vacant, bricked up shops, looked back in October 2015

After Sainsburys abandoned plans to redevelop the site, the vacant properties were acquired by Southend United. Having contacted Ron Martin, we had a site meeting in the summer and he agreed that something needed to be done about the state that they were in.
It is still the intention of the club to move home to Fossett’s Farm, after which the site is likely to be transformed by developers, but in the meantime a lick of paint has cleaned up what was an unattractive facade on this busy corner.

See more in the video below.

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