School Funding Cuts Across Southend

Every single school in Southend faces cuts to its budget under the new school funding formula proposed by Theresa May’s government.

In total, by 2019, schools in Southend alone will have lost over £13 million or £652 a year per pupil. The new funding formula will change the way money is distributed around the country and also fails to also keep pace with inflation. This could have the devastating effect of reducing the number of teachers in Southend by over 380.

Graph showing the school's budget reduction to 2019.
Graph showing the school’s budget reduction to 2019.

In Prittlewell for instance, estimates of the reduction in Earls Hall Primary School’s annual budget by 2019 could be as large as £264,023 which is the equivalent of seven teacher’s salaries.

The Tory government aims to cut £3 billion annually across the UK from education by 2019, but in the last seven years it has managed to cut the tax liabilities of big business by around £70 billion a year using methods such as drastically reducing corporation tax from 28% to 20%. Would it not be better to reconsider whether these multi-national corporations need & deserve their extra profit more than our children need & deserve a decent education?

To see how much your school will lose, use the app below.

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  1. A society that values equality and aspiration must properly fund education for all. Looks like we are heading back to the bad old days when poorly funded schools meant bad and old equipment, shared books, and sink schools everywhere. You cannot trust a Conservative government to look after public services, especially education.

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