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Resident’s of Prittlewelll ward will soon be receiving the latest edition of Prittlewell Voice through their letter boxes, if it hasn’t arrived already. Over 4,400 households are delivered to free by volunteers from your local Labour Party, keeping you up-to-date with local issues, news and developments.

Volunteers out delivering Prittlwell Voice recently.
Volunteers out delivering Prittlwell Voice recently.

Here’s the latest edition reproduced electronically – click on the ‘thumbnail’ image of each page to see a larger version – I’ve summarised the content of each page in the righthand box.

Prittlewell Voice Spring '17 page 1
Prittlewell Voice Spring ’17 page 1

Page 1

  • The front page carries news of the recent ‘facelift’ to the shops and flats on the corner of Victoria Avenue and Fairfax Drive.

    Having been bricked up for quite some time awaiting a decision on the future of Roots Hall football ground, they were starting to look a mess and many residents had complained to me about the eyesore. I discussed the situation with Ron Martin, chairman of Southend United FC and owner of the properties, and he agreed they were starting to look quite untidy.

    As a result Mr Martin spruced up the buildings with a coat of paint. There are plans to paint the SUFC logo on the south-facing end wall of the buildings in the near future too with the help of local college students.

Prittlewell Voice Spring '17 page 2
Prittlewell Voice Spring ’17 page 2

Page 2

  • Here’s more success I’ve had on behalf of residents in Roots Hall Avenue who have had two look out on a massive pile of unsightly rubble for a year. It has now been cleared.
  • My persistence with Abelio Greater Anglia paid off and rubbish on land surrounding Prittlewell Station was cleared away – keeping it clean is another problem.
  • Parking and traffic problems are widespread and perennial – I am actively involved in the setting up of a Community Speed Watch programme in Southend plus see the advice on this website if someone blocks your drive.
Prittlewell Voice Spring '17 page 3
Prittlewell Voice Spring ’17 page 3

Page 3

  • The NHS is in crisis. Last year the junior doctor’s strike was in the headlines – that still hasn’t been resolved and it look like the nurses could soon be going on strike too due to the lack of funding.
  • The STP, or Sustainability & Transformation Plan, is what you’ll be hearing a lot about soon. Southend’s A&E department, along with Chelmsford’s, is facing the prospect of being downgraded with the main A&E dept. for ALL of Mid & South Essex being transferred to Basildon. Read more on my website HERE.
Prittlewell Voice Spring '17 page 3
Prittlewell Voice Spring ’17 page 3

Page 4

  • Southend’s Tory-Ukip Council raises Council Tax by 4.99%. In a leaflet the Tories put out in Prittlewell during last year’s elections, they criticised the joint administration that Labour was part of for the 3.99% rise, saying they might even freeze it. Now they’ve gone ‘one better’ and raised it by 4.99%!

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