Labour Announces Candidate for General Election 2017

Julian Ware-Lane. Labour candidate Southend West.
Julian Ware-Lane. Labour candidate Southend West.

Julian Ware-Lane

I’m very pleased to say that Julian Ware-Lane has been selected once again to fight the seat of Southend West for the Labour Party. Julian has been a strong and conscientious voice on Southend Borough Council for five years now, using his position to highlight many local and national issues of concern.

Incumbent Tory MP, David Amess, is part of a government that is currently overseeing budgets being cut for every single school in Southend. We are also seeing them make huge cuts in the local council’s budget, forcing services to close and putting enormous pressure on social care whilst still hiking Council Tax by a whacking 5% – way over the rate of inflation. On top of this we now face having our A&E department drastically downgraded, endangering people’s lives by forcing the seriously ill to travel all the way to Basildon – a hospital that spent most of the winter on black alert and even closed its doors to ambulance admissions at peak times.

If you value the health and well-being of yourself and your loved ones, there really is no alternative than voting Labour – that is unless you have private health insurance, can afford to educate your children and grandchildren privately and also pay for all your care in your old age.

I urge you to make the effort to get out and vote on 8th June and vote for Julian Ware-Lane.

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