Save Southend A&E Campaign Goes National

Our campaign to stop the downgrade of Southend’s A&E hit the national headlines at the weekend when the Sunday Mirror featured the story of the less than friendly welcome given to us on Wednesday when we went to deliver a birthday that I’d baked and iced, along with a giant card, signed by 100’s of Southenders, to help celebrate the NHS’s 69th birthday.

Our NHS birthday celebrations featured in the Sunday Mirror.
Our NHS birthday celebrations featured in the Sunday Mirror.

Around 30 or 40 supporters of our campaign arrived around midday to find three security staff patrolling the entrance to the A&E. I must say it was a slightly intimidating sight and something I’ve never witnessed at the hospital before.

Under the watchful eye of ear-piece wearing security, we set up our surprise party on the grassed central reservation in Prittlewell Chase, outside the A&E, and were enthusiastically supported by passing motorists waving and tooting their horns. After a while a small delegation of us decided to attempt to deliver the cake and card to the staff in the hospital. I’m pleased to say that the head of security, Kevin, allowed us to briefly enter the premises and had over the items. I have had several reports back on how much the nurses and doctors enjoyed the cake, and have sent the recipe (madeira cake) on as requested.

See us brave security to deliver our cake and card in this video.

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