Local Tory Councillors’ Self-Interest on Housing

What an appalling bunch of self-interested opportunists some of the local Tory councillors in Southend seem to be!

Seven Tory councillor landlords have managed to get the standards committee to overturn a ban on them voting on a scheme to introduce tougher regulations on landlords. With their own financial interests at stake, shouldn’t they leave such important decisions to those who can objectively scrutinise the plans?

Our democracy should be seen to be fair and transparent. © Can Stock Photo/herminutomo

Labour councillors argued hard against having the ban lifted and Independent councillor Martin Terry stormed out of the meeting in disgust after hearing the result.

Named and shamed were the Conservatives’ Southend mayor Fay Evans, Cllr Lesley Salter, councillor responsible for health, Cllr Roger Hadley, Cllr Stephen Habernell, Cllr Jonathan Garston, Cllr Floyd Waterworth and Cllr Helen Boyd as well as Independent, Cllr Brian Ayling.

Far too often we hear stories about tenants forced to live in dreadful conditions, forgotten and ignored by callous landlords purely interested in maximising their profits at the expense of others suffering.

We need fair rules, diligently enforced, to ensure a decent standard of living for all, not watered-down voluntary codes that only conscientious landlords stick to and the rogues ignore.

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