Parking Over Drop Kerbs – What can you do?

I’ve had many people complain about having their driveways blocked by inconsiderate motorists. Often this is not only a nuisance but can also lead to all sorts of consequences such as missed medical appointments and arriving late for important meetings.

Car blocking drop kerb
Cars parked blocking driveways can cause residents untold distress and inconvenience.

In Southend Borough it is an offence to park blocking a drop kerb or crossover – specifically a Civil Enforcement Officer can issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) under contravention of code 27. However, the requirement is that the resident who is affected by this would need to phone the Council on 01702 215000 to report the offence with the details of the offending vehicle which would be taken and passed to the Council’s enforcement contractor. They would then send a Civil Enforcement Officer specifically to the location who could issue a PCN.

An officer on his beat cannot issue for this contravention because the motorist may have had permission from the resident or it is the resident’s vehicle parked. (If an officer happens to be passing when a car is blocking your drive, you can inform them and ask them to issue a PCN. I have been told that some officers have said drivers are entitled to a 10 minute ‘grace’ period – this is not correct and only applies to drivers overstaying in pay & display car parks or bays.)

If an officer is in the area they can be diverted by Control relatively quickly, which is useful being that sometimes people park across driveways for 5-10 minutes thinking that they aren’t doing any harm, only it turns out that that 10 minutes is when you need to be leaving to pick the kids up!

I obviously don’t want to see lots of people issued with PCNs – they’re expensive, but it might be necessary to persuade a few people to change their behaviour and show due consideration for others.