2015 Southend Labour Local Manifesto

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Last Year the Conservatives lost control of Southend Council after 14 years in power.
Since that time Southend’s Labour Councillors have played an influential role in developing policies to make Southend a better town to live in.
  • Saving Priory Care Home which the Conservatives intended to close.
  • Safeguarding the future of our libraries with professional staff
  • Making progress to end the scandal of derelict office blocks on Victoria Avenue
  • Keeping open all Children’s Centres despite massive Conservative cuts
  • Negotiating a new waste contract that will save Council Tax payers £1 million pounds a year whilst maintaining a higher standard of service and guaranteeing weekly refuse collections.
  • Maintaining support for Southend Voluntary sector for groups like HARP and SAVS
  • Introducing a scheme for wardens to improve security in council tower blocks
  • Retaining support, in spite of Conservative opposition, for the most vulnerable people in times of crisis, including those fleeing domestic violence.
Southend Council Elections 2015
Our Pledges to you, if we are elected:
Better Housing
We shall:
  • Continue our commitment to build social housing for local people.
  • Take tough enforcement action on poor housing. 
  • Promote better neighbourhoods.
  • Improve standards in the town’s large private sector rented market.
  • Build on a teamwork approach to tackle homelessness and its causes.
Curb crime and anti social behaviour
We shall:
  • Work with the police and other agencies to tackle anti-social behaviour and take robust action against offenders.
  • Extend the use of Neighbourhood Wardens, first sought by Labour, in Southend’s trouble spots.
Better education
We intend to:
  • Continue to work to ensure that all schools in the Borough reach the highest possible educational standards.
  • Commit to making Southend a place where all can learn the skills they need for the future.
  • Protect our existing Children’s Centres and ensure that local communities are involved in running them.
Care for older people
We shall:
  • Ensure the highest possible standards of care for older people and to develop support services that will enable residents to remain in their own homes whenever possible.
  • Develop a ‘care campus’ on the Priory site which will include a 60 bed Home with ‘state of the art’ care for people with dementia and other facilities designed to support and improve the health of local people.
Regenerate Southend
We intend to:
  • Continue to attract firms and industries to Southend and to provide secure employment for our residents.
  • Emphasise our strengths as a cultural centre and seek to improve the image of our town.
  • Supporting the ‘Living Wage’ to lift local people out of poverty.
  • Maintains the Essential Living Fund and related projects in order to tackle inequality and poverty in our town.
A greener town
We shall:
  • Promote a new Energy Company to give people in Southend a cheaper and more ethical option for their gas and electricity.
  • Develop plans to unlock investment in renewables including solar power.Combine better waste collection with tough recycling targets.
  • Promote sustainable forms of transport, such as cycling and improved bus routes.Ensure all new homes are built to the highest environmental standards
Above all we shall continue to be a listening Council always prepared to hear your views and respond to your needs.