Postcards of Southend

I’m always interested in the history of where I live and tend to collect books on local history, especially ones that have plenty of photographs as I find it fascinating to look at places I know as the used to be and see how they’ve changed – or not as the case may be.

I also like to collect old postcards, particularly used ones that capture a little piece of someones life, scribbled on the back. Usually the ones from Southend where sent from holiday makers and day-trippers to their friends and relatives with a short note saying which hotel they where staying in, where they’d been that day or what the weather was like.

I’ve gathered here some of the postcards of Southend I’ve collected over the past few years which may be of interest to some. Hopefully I’m not breaching any copyright laws as a lot of these are over a century old so I’m assuming the copyright has long since expired.

Rather than lump them all together, I’ve split them into the following categories:


The Pier

The Esplanade & Foreshore

The Cliffs (coming soon)

The Town & Surrounding Area (coming soon)